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            We has a tradition of optical excellence. Years of experience and the best optical manufacturing and inspection equipment gives our optics team the tools required to manufacture to your high standards. High-speed manufacturing processes mean faster delivery at a lower cost. We polish both custom components made to your requirements as well as small quantity standard optics. And we maintain optical specifications above the industry norm.
            We specializes in custom optics. Low price for high quality optical components is our competitive edge.
            We have a long history of manufacturing some of the most demanding optics in the world. Whether you need spheric lenses for a semiconductor application, lightweighted mirrors for a space-based application, or a lens system for a image sensor equipment, WTS Photonics has the experience to meet your requirements. So if you need production-quantity optics, challenge us with your specifications.
            Our high-speed deterministic optical polishing equipment enables us to rapidly manufacture custom precision optics with spherical, cylindrical, and flat surfaces. Deterministic generating, grinding, and polishing eliminates much of the need for traditional hard tooling required for standard optical fabrication processes, improving delivery and reducing overall costs.


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